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Our list of Montana museums is your online invitation to explore the cultural, historic, and scientific resources of museums in the state.

Our membership stretches across the entire state, and includes a broad spectrum of Montana history.

The Museums of Montana have something for everyone - history, art, science, anthropology... explore the diversity! 
Please contact individual museums for additional information regarding hours, location, special programming, handicapped accessibility & admission charges.


Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

Work 120 2nd Avenue S Bynum MT 59419 Work Phone: 406-469-2211Work Phone: 800-238-6873Website: http://www.tmdinosaurcenter.org/


Liberty County Museum & Archives Association Inc.

Work PO Box 417 / 230 2nd Street East Chester MT 59522 Work Phone: 406-759-5256Website: http://russell.visitmt.com/listings/3111.htm

Liberty Village Arts Center

Work PO Box 269 / 410 Main Street Chester MT 59522 Work Phone: 406-759-5652Website: http://visitmt.com/listings/general/art-gallery/liberty-village-arts-center-and-gallery.html


Blaine County Museum

Work 501 Indiana Street Chinook MT 59523 Work Phone: 406-357-2590Website: http://www.blainecountymuseum.com/

Blaine County Wildlife Museum

Work 417 Indiana Street Chinook MT 59523 Work Phone: 406-357-3102Website: http://www.bcwildlifemuseum.com


Conrad Transportation & Historical Museum

Work 402 South Virginia Conrad MT 59425 Work Phone: 406-728-0178Work Phone: 406-728-3700Website: http://www.conradmt.com/attractions/museum.php

Fort Benton

The Museum of the Northern Great Plains

Work PO Box 262 / 1205 20th Street Fort Benton MT 59442 Work Phone: 406-622-5316Website: http://www.fortbentonmuseums.com/ag.html

The Museum of the Upper Missouri

Work PO Box 262 / 1205 20th Street Fort Benton MT 59442 Work Phone: 406-622-5316Website: http://www.fortbentonmuseums.com/mum.html

Great Falls

C.M. Russell Museum

Work 400 13th Street N Great Falls MT 59401 Work Phone: 406-727-8787Website: https://www.cmrussell.org/

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

Work 4201 Giant Springs Road Great Falls MT 59405 Work Phone: 406-727-8733Website: http://www.fs.fed.us/r1/lewisclark/lcic/

The History Museum

Work 422 2nd St. South Great Falls MT 59405 Work Phone: 406-452-3462Website: http://www.thehistorymuseum.org/

University of Great Falls / Galerie Trintas

Work 1301 20th Street Great Falls MT 59405 Work Phone: 800-856-9544Website: http://www.ugf.edu/AboutUGF/GalerieTrinitas/TrinitasChapel/tabid/724/Default.aspx

Ursuline Centre

Work 2300 Central Avenue Great Falls MT 59405 Work Phone: 406-452-8585Website: http://www.ursulinecentre.com/


H. Earl Clack Museum

Work Holiday Village Mall, 1753 US Hwy 2 NW # 30 Havre MT 59501 Work Phone: 406-265-4000Website: http://hearlclackmuseum.org/contact_us.aspx

High Line Heritage Resources

Work 124 Third Street Havre MT 59501 Work Phone: 406-399-5225Work Phone: 406-265-6233Website: http://www.highlinecottage.com/


Bair Family Museum

Work 2751 Montana Highway 294 Harlowton MT 59036 Work Phone: 406-572-3314Website: http://bairfamilymuseum.org/

Upper Musselshell Museum

Work PO Box 364 / 11 & 36 South Central Harlowton MT 59036 Work Phone: 406-632-5519Website: http://www.harlowtonmuseum.org/


Central Montana Historical Assn. Inc.

Work 408 N. E. Main Lewistown MT 59457 Work Phone: 406-535-3642Website: http://centralmtmuseum.weebly.com/


Marias Museum of History and Art

Work PO Box 830 / 206 12th Avenue North Shelby MT 59474 Work Phone: 406-424-2551Website: http://visitmt.com/listings/general/museum/marias-museum-of-history-and-art.html

Toole County Museum

Work 226 1st St. South Shelby MT 59474 Work Phone: 406-424-8300Website: http://www.toolecountymt.gov/


First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park

Work PO Box 109 / 342 Ulm-Vaughn Rd Ulm MT 59485 Work Phone: 406-866-2217Website: http://stateparks.mt.gov/first-peoples-buffalo-jump/


Winifred Museum

Work 210 Main Street Winifred MT 59489 Work Phone: 406-462-5425Website: http://www.onlyinwinifred.com/the_town/museum.html


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